Upcoming Exhibitions

Anne Low Art Encounters Biennial 2019 

September 22nd-October 27th, 2019. Muzeul Textilelor, Building B, Art Cafe Gallery
Opening: Sunday, 22nd Septembrie, 2019. 11:30Am

For more information please see https://2019.artencounters.ro/ro/2019program_september-ro/

Wool and Water—Woven Felted Blankets of the Balkan-Carpathian Region

May 24th—November 24, 2019.  Muzeul Textilelor, Building B, Băița, No. 20A, Hunedoara County, România 

Traditional blankets, cerga și țolul, textile objects with a specific function, are the messengers of a complex textile technology, and imply the breeding of animals for wool, the cultivation of plants for fibers, and the management of water power. These blankets represent the essence of the relationship between the artistic creation attained in the home textile industry over centuries, and the necessities imposed by the mountain environment. At the same time, the pieces define the human relationship of the various participants, to the technological process of producing them.
Based on long-term scientific investigation, which included in-situ research and lab work, in particular technical analyses and fiber microscopy, with this exhibition the Muzeul Textilelor aims to familiarize the public with the art of producing traditional woven felted blankets typical to the Balkan-Carpathian area. We also intend to bring out the common characteristics of these pieces produced by various populations who lived in similar geo-climatic conditions.  

The exhibition has four sections: the materials and technologies for producing blankets, cerga with tufts (ciupi), Aromanian blankets, and thin blankets called țol.

The objects from the exhibition belong to the collection of the Muzeul Textilelor.

The exhibition’s curator is Dr. Florica Zaharia.

Culturi Opuse—Costume Tradiţionale din România și Japonia (Opposite Cultures—Traditional Costumes of Romania and Japan)

In collaboration with ASTRA Museum, Sibiu, România. 2019