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Decades of Visual Memory—Photographs by Ana and Gheorghe Tripon

March 29th – July 13th, 2019, Muzeul Textilelor, Building B, Băița, Hunedoara, România

The first ever exhibition dedicated to the photographers Ana and Gheorghe Tripon includes photographs taken by them between 1958-1992, as well as a few taken by unknown photographers during the first half of the 20th century – before their time. Located in Băița, Hunedoara County, România, the two photographers portrayed places, people, the important moments in their lives, social events, and the costumes and textiles specific to the region. Their photographs are mostly monochrome (black-and-white,) but there are also some in color, and some that have been colored.
The photography of Ana and Gheorghe Tripon served the need of Băița region comunity members to immortalize in images the people they loved, capturing the important moments in their lives. Along with the fulfillment of this mission, their photographs convey the documentary value of recording people's life style, and the traditional physical assets of the region – the architecture, the costume and the home-made textile inventory.
The rapid transformations that occurred during the 20th century can be observed throughout the Tripon’s photographs, and we can establish connections between various eras.
In today's context, when photography produces instant images, Ana and Gheorghe Tripon’s photography, from photo shoot to film processing was the result of an intense creative labor but also of a technical accuracy, remain unique.
The photographs included in the exhibition belong to the following collections: Ana Tripon, Muzeul Textilelor, Elena Țucă, and Victoria Tripon.

Culturi Opuse—Costume Tradiţionale din România și Japonia (Opposite Cultures—Traditional Costumes of Romania and Japan)

In collaboration with ASTRA Museum, Sibiu, România. 2019